Lesson 32: The Slower Your Grow: Building a Business At Your Own Pace


How to BUILD A BUSINESS without the pressure to hustle and grind

with Jessica Gonzalez

What really helped me at the beginning was not having a plan because it didn’t stress me out. I just did whatever I felt like doing or whatever I thought needed to be done. I didn’t put any pressure on myself.
— Jessica Gonzalez

We often hear about how necessary it is to hustle, grind and work until we’re exhausted and burned out when starting a new business. But is it possible to build a successful business by intentionally growing it slow and without the pressure to grow as quickly as possible?

This week on Creativity School, I talk to Jessica Gonzalez, a beekeeper and the founder of Happy Organics, a wellness company that provides honey and CBD products for the body and mind. Jessica shares her journey to accidentally starting her company during a time when she was burned out and exploring the things that made her happy after quitting a tech company she founded. She began helping her father with his bees when he got diagnosed with terminal cancer, and developed honey and CBD products to help with his pain and anxiety. When people started asking to buy them, she had a business.

Jessica shares how she was able to keep her company going through the devastating loss of her dad, how her incredible pain became her purpose, and how she’s been able to successfully grow her company slowly and at her own pace by being focused on her values and the bigger picture.

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Mentioned in this episode:

  • How Jessica began helping her father with his bees when he got diagnosed with terminal cancer

  • How she was able to start Happy Organics while experiencing the devastating loss of her father

  • How to create transformation in your life without experiencing something painful or devastating

  • Why she grew her business slow and without a plan

  • The importance of letting yourself feel bad


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