Lesson 08: The Power of Being Unapologetically You in Your Work


Lesson 08: How owning your story and identity is a super power and makes your creative expression unique

With Evita Castine

It’s important to embrace who you are, embrace your experiences and know that because you experience it it has value.
— Evita Castine

Today’s episode digs into the power of owning your story and being authentically and unapologetically yourself in your work. Because what you create is a reflection of who you are – whether it’s a film, a photo, a business or a cupcake!

Being so honest can be pretty scary for most people, myself included. I struggle with this a lot, especially on social media. But this conversation reveals how when you can embrace your identity and the things that make you different, the more relatable, resonant and creative your work will be. And I truly believe this applies to LIFE IN GENERAL. Just swap out the word “work” for “life.”

Evita Castine is an Emmy Award winning producer, director, actor, and photographer. Her films have been recognized by the Cannes Film Festival, One Lens Festival, Warner Brothers, and more. In today’s conversation, she shares her journey to becoming an award winning filmmaker, why she says putting emotional intelligence into your work makes it stronger, and how being different is your super power.

Evita also shares how she uses her iPhone (yes, you read that right - her iPhone!) to create work for major clients like Spotify, musicians like Cody Chestnutt, and Fox Studios.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Evita's journey to becoming a director and why she became inspired to begin telling her own stories

  • How being different and an outsider shapes her work and makes it unique

  • Why putting emotion into your work makes it stronger

  • How judging things inhibits your creativity

  • Why she says you don’t have to go to film school if you want to be a filmmaker

  • How she developed her artistic voice and unique visual style in her work

  • How she started creating work using her iPhone for major clients

  • Her formula for the “straightest” path to living a fulfilling creative life and making your dreams into reality

  • Why a teacher told her to go clown school


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