Lesson 06: Get Stuff Done Without Distractions and Bad Habits


Lesson 06: How to beat procrastination, become a master of your time, and reshape the way you work

With Jake Kahana

Do you have a creative project you really want to work on, but put it off because you just don’t have the time for it?

Then today’s episode is just for you!

My guest Jake Kahana says nobody taught us how to work, and he wants to change that.  

Jake is an artist and teacher helping people thrive in a world overrun with distractions by leading them in unlearning bad habits and replacing them with new, better ones.  He’s also the king of side projects and the co-founder of Caveday, a company dedicated to teaching people how to maximize their productivity. Fast Company even referred to Jake and his co-founders as “Procrastination Nannies.” But it’s not just about doing more work in less time– Jake says it’s about improving the quality of your life by improving the quality of your work.

This conversation completely changed the way I work. In fact, I edited this episode more efficiently than ever before, thanks to all the juicy, research backed techniques Jake shares with us.

In this episode, Jake shows us how to unlearn the bad habits we’re all used to, and how to recreate our own mini Caveday at home. As someone who is highly creative with multiple side projects, he also shares some great insights about how to be more creative.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • How Jake co-founded Caveday

  • How nobody has ever taught us how to work, and why we need to be taught how to work with structure and research based techniques

  • How to structure your work so you can get into flow and do your best work

  • The right kind of break to take so you can go back to work more energized (and it’s not checking emails and social media!)

  • Why multitasking actually makes your work quality worse

  • How to be in control of your own time

  • The ONE THING you can take away from this interview to do better work (and it improves your IQ!)

  • Jake’s advice on how to work at a demanding day job and still have time for your side projects

  • Why every creative outlet doesn’t need to be a business idea

Part of living a creative life is doing the thing and not knowing where it goes, but doing it because you need to just get it out.
— Jake Kahana